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Buddhist Counselling Education Program Winter 2022:

The Buddhist Grief Counselling Certificate Course
Will be offered again in the fall of 2022 (Friday evenings 7:30 to 9:30 pm, exact start date will be announced soon. (Toronto time)
Instructor: Venerable Bhikkhuni Sister Thich nu Tinh Quang, resident teacher of Little Heron Zen Hermitage (Hamilton)

Sister Tinh Quang worked as a psychotherapist and an instructor of psychology prior to her ordination. She teaches this course from a perspective that integrates Buddhist teachings and counselling.

In Buddhism, we are taught that loss and grief are inevitable yet they are still immensely challenging aspects of life. When a bereavement happens, no matter whether it was predicted or unexpected, it can be incredibly difficult to process. The Buddhist Volunteer Grief Counselling Certificate Course acquaints you with the grieving process and explains how to support someone going through it, exploring the various types of bereavement and advising the specifics of how to help in each situation.

The primary goal of The Buddhist Volunteer Grief Counselling Certificate Course is that students gain the knowledge and skills to provide effective grief counselling and support for Buddhist practitioners or others interested in this approach, using a biopsychosocial and Buddhist approach to grief. During these 20 hours of grief support training, students advance their counselling skills.  This may include incorporating writing and art in their approach, in order to guide clients through their grief. 

Please see the course outline (subject to change) and application form for more details about the course.

Registration fee is $50. Please send completed application form (word format) to by August 15, 2022

Courses offered in previous semesters in 2020 and 2021 (Please check back for future offerings):
Introduction to Buddhist Counselling
Buddhist Contemplative Care at End-of-Life

Program Sponsors:
The Mahayana Pure Land Temple
Buddhist Education Foundation of Canada