an educational hub for Mindfulness and Counselling

The Toronto Centre for Applied Buddhism is a registered charity in Canada. Established in 2019, we aim to provide educational programming that focuses on the application of the Buddhist teachings in contemporary societies through collaboration with educational institutions and Buddhist communities locally and internationally. Our current objective is to offer Buddhist education for mindfulness, counselling, psychotherapy and contemplative care. 

Through partnering with the University of Toronto, the Fellow in Buddhism and Psychiatry from the Department of Psychiatry in the Faculty of Medicine will offer Buddhist psychotherapy services from our Buddhist Clinic.

As the first affiliated Buddhist site for Contextual Education and Supervised Pastoral Education at Emmanuel College, Victoria University in the University of Toronto, we provide supervision to students in the Buddhist stream of the Master of Pastoral Studies Program who provide psychotherapy and spiritual care services from our Buddhist Clinic.

Co-Directors of our Centre:

Cultural Psychiatry:
Kenneth Fung MD FRCPC MSc FAPA FCPA, Psychiatrist, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Counselling, Psychotherapy & Contemplative Care:
Linda Hochstetler, MSW RSW, Social Worker, Psychotherapist & Buddhist Chaplain

Our email address is:

Executive Committee of Applied Buddhism Network International
aka Toronto Centre for Applied Buddhism:

Chris Ng, CPA CMA MBA – President;
Lok Sang Ho, PhD – Vice President;
Fang Zhang, MA – Secretary/Treasurer