Community Engaged Buddhism

Our Centre is currently supporting two community projects:

1. Support Buddhist Sunday School Education Programs for Children in Sri Lanka

As you know, Sri Lanka is currently facing severe economic hardship. Our Centre is grateful to have the opportunity to support the breakfast programs in Buddhist Sunday Schools hosted by monasteries in Sri Lanka. If you would like to support the boys and girls attending these Sunday Schools, you may make a donation by e-transfer to our Centre.

To make a donation, you may send an e-transfer to and specify in the message area your donation is to support Buddhist Sunday School breakfast programs for children in Sri Lanka and also let us know the name, postal and email addresses of the donor. A Canadian tax receipt will be issued for a donation over $20.

We are currently supporting is Sri Chandajothi Dhamma School in Bihirawa (over 360 students) for 16 weeks beginning on February 26, 2023, and Sri Gangagiri Dhamma School in Godakawela (over 250 students) for 16 weeks beginning on April 23, 2023. We are also supporting two more schools: Derangala Sri Seelananda Dhamma School (220 students) and Sri Sumangala Dhamma School (80 students) to serve breakfasts to a total of over 900 students for 16 weeks. With your generous donation, we hope to extend our support to these schools for another 16 weeks. The schools & students are happy to share these with you:

Sri Chandajothi Dhamma School of the Sri Mangala Bodhi Viharaya in Bihirawa, Sewanagala, Sri Lanka – over 360 students from Grades 1 – 12 attend the Sunday Dhamma school.

Our Centre is currently supporting the breakfast program in the Dhamma school for 16 Sundays.
One of the teachers of the Pali Chanting Course offered by our Centre the Ven. Bhante Suneetha (currently residing in Ottawa) was at the Dhamma school for the launch of the breakfast program in February 2023. Bhante is seen here serving breakfasts to the children. He also donated exercise books and stationery to them on that day.
A variety of vegetarian breakfasts will be served to the students over the 16 Sundays. Ingredients such as cereals, grains, mung bean, chickpea, porridge (made from raw rice, coconut milk and the fresh juice of medicinally valued leafy greens) will be prepared by the parents of students.

Sri Gangagiri Dhamma School of the Sri Gangagiri Vihara has 250 students attending Grades 1-10. They gather in their morning assembly every Sunday. The breakfast program started in February 2023, and here are some letters from the students:

2. Buddhist Book Donation and Study Partnership Correspondence Program.
See for more information. If you would like to support this program in any ways, please email