Buddhist Spiritual Care Education and Practicum

The Buddhist Spiritual Care Education and Practicum (on-line) Program offers a unit of 200 hours of experiential learning on applying Buddhist teachings in compassionate care. Typically, each unit takes 4 – 8 months to complete. Students will select relevant courses offered by the Toronto Centre for Applied Buddhism (TCAB) as well as by other Buddhist temples and centres (to be pre-approved by TCAB), offer Buddhist counselling and spiritual support, attend group supervision and individual/dyadic with a supervisor or mentor, and keep track of own progress in meditative practices.
(September 2022-August 2023 or January 2023-December 2023)
If you are interested in joining this program, please email practicum@appliedbuddhism.ca for more information.

1. Courses to be selected from TCAB: up to 65 hours.

a. Buddhist Grief Counselling (starts September 9, 2022)
b. Buddhist Contemplative Care at End-of-Life (starts winter 2023)
c. End-of-Life and Bereavement Care in our Buddhist communities (independent study)
d. Buddhism and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 
(starts Oct. 8, 2022)
e. Applying Buddhist Psychology in Providing Spiritual Care (independent study)
f. Mindfulness Meditation and Compassionate Presence (starts winter 2023)

2. Group Supervision, IPR and Consultation : 40 hours (starts September 14, 2022 or January 4, 2023)

3. Individual/dyadic supervision or mentoring – typically one hour for 4-5 hours of client contact hours – 12 hours

4. Direct Client Contact: 60 hours (in the community or on-line Buddhist counselling with TCAB)

5. Daily or Weekly Meditation and Journaling / Retreat and Reflection: up to 60 hours